Garcinia [Gar*Cin"I*A] Cambogia [Kam-Boh-Jee-Uh]

The Little Plant That Can Give You A Little Tummy

Garcinia Cambogia is defined as a small fruit from the pumpkin or gourd family, pale green or green/yellow in color, and mainly originates from Southeast Asia. The Garcinia tree can be found in forested areas or alongside peppers, spices, and coffee plants on large plantations.

The extracts and rind of the fruit Garcinia Cambogia have been used in cooking for generations especially in Thailand and India in dishes and condiments such as the extremely popular curry.

Until late 2012 Garcinia was not widely known throughout the western world. While it has been used in some countries around the world for a long time as a weight loss assistant, it wasn't until a television doctor advertised it's effectiveness that it became widely known and popular in the United States and available to buy here.

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